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EU Ambassador ill-judged Gay Rights Intervention; Barrow Government’s Complicit Silence

Opinion | By Lamin Darboe, Leicester, UK

Basically, what does EU, gays and gay right activists want from The Gambia and Gambians? The answer is easy, they want us to accept and condone their sexuality as a natural phenomenon and be accorded the same rights and privileges as those accorded to heterosexuals in a legitimate marriage contract.

EU Rep to the Gambia called for rights of all Gambians, including LGBT to be protected

I bet anyone familiar with social engineering, will figure out that such acceptance is the first step, the ultimate goal is to convert everyone to this type of sexual inclination.

Some think there’s more to it than what is apparent to the eye. It's a wildly mushrooming conspiracy that, homosexuals and their backers knew that God destroyed sodom gomorrah because of this abomination so if they can succeed in making this sexual behaviour acceptable Worldwide, they can bring about devine chastisement that will culminate in total destruction of the World. They are commonly referred to as doomsday cultists, who are very much fascinated with this line of thinking.

It is very important to understand the mindset of homosexuality and that of its proponents, the recalcitrant pseudo-human rights advocates. Who are quick to malign anyone who oppose homosexuality and paint them with a brush of bigotry.

I find that allegation an amusing oxymoron. A bigot is a person who is intolerant of other's point of view and this description apply fittingly to pseudo-human rights advocates PHRA.

Without hesitation, they label anyone who disagree with homosexuality as either a bigot or a homophobe. I call them heterophobes, because they defend homosexuality with much energy and commitment and it is not uncommon for some of them to have ambivalent sexual preferences. Also once you harbour such strong belief in homosexuality, in my mind, you automatically become one of them.

As the Quran states, muzabzabeena baina zaalika la illa hawolaahi wa, la illa hawoolaai, they float between the two, they are neither here no there.

Understanding their mindset and psyche will help understand their thought process and value system. It seems, most of them have the same set of values predominantly based on materialistic precepts.

They have a primary belief, with varying emphasis, that life is all about material agrandizement and physical gratification.

My theory is that human rights advocates who are not homosexuals by practice, may not have the same set of values and beliefs as enumerated. Also their reasons for defending homosexuality may very from person to person.

I have the feeling that many gay rights defenders who helped in glamourising gay rights practice, falls into two categories, attention seekers and those who want to maintain their human rights reputation and credibility to, in most cases impress their backers and sponsors. They want their sponsors to have confidence in them as having no discrimination as to the universality of human rights. A right is a right, even if it clashes with some cultural and religious values.

A remote possibility exists that some gay right advocates may be doing their advocacy for fun or just to create an image that they are progressive minds.

Let me tell these gay rights activist, be aware of the web of saitan, he make a person to be more sensitive to his image, credibility, reputation than good morals. Saitan can turn you to unbeliever without you realising it.

Why is the Western World determined on propagating, defending and in many ways bent on imposing homosexuality on other nations especially the poor nations?

Why are gay interest groups so powerful in Western countries? Is it an illuminati project, social conditioning, population control strategy or a combination of all these goals?

The recent pronouncement made my EU ambassador did not help the cause of gays and gay right advocates in The Gambia and in fact it did more damage than good. It put the people of Gambia especially ordinary believers and scholars under a trial, more so president Adama Barrow. Many believed that he signed some kind of understanding with EU in return for some financial inducement.

It is not unreasonable to predict that his deliberate silence will create more political damage to him than he possibly envisaged as many equated his silence to complicity.

His silence took an even more conspiratorial dimension when nearly all prominent opposition leaders with the exception of PDOIS condemned the condescending statement made by EU ambassador.

The timing and manner of EU ambassador's intervention was ill-judged, culminating in an outpouring of outrage.

The ambassador's flammable Intervention happened at the end of Ramadan, during Covid-19 lockdown, time of food insecurity and when people were frustrated by perceived unfair distribution of EU donated rice by Barrow government.

This palpable frustrations galvanized a ferocious response from all quarters. More bitter disappointment for islamic scholars, was Baba Leigh's attempted forgery of Quranic verse to legitimise homosexuality.

Overwhelmingly, Gambians see gay right advocates as traitors, foreign puppets and sellouts. Some even went further to consider them devil's advocates and unbelievers.

In contradistinction, we the opponents of attempt to foist acceptance of gay rights on our nation, especially the Muslim and Christian populations, believers in one God see homosexuality as a cursed sexual behaviour. Knowing God's injunctions concerning homosexuality, they fear devine chastisement if they condone it.

This is because they have a different value system which borders on certainly of meeting their maker and the believe that actions have consequences. And that gratification of sensory desires is not the principal reason why humans were created.

Why was there categoric and near anonymous rejection of the EU ambassador's intervention and a seeming arm twisting of Gambia government?

Principally, homosexuality conflicts with our religious and cultural values.

We learned from the three monotheistic Abramaic scriptures that, God was so incensed by this life threatening behaviour that He sent two angels to destroy not only the act of homosexuality but the city that initiated it.

They passed by prophet Ibrahim, one of the chief prophets to announce to him the blessing of a son. A reward for his patience and forbearance but more importantly, his quest to procreate and bequeath his spirituality to the next generation.

Ibrahim also got the news that the angels are proceeding to destroy this evil perpetrators of evil act and he pleaded with the Angel's to spare them but God will not have it.

He bluntly told ibrahim not to be an advocate and an intercessor for nation of inequity and abomination.

Let's pose here for a moment, why was God so blunt with Ibrahim, His friend and patron prophet. It was simply because God created human beings for His worship and decreed that after the first creation, Adam and Eve, humanity will increase by procreation. However, the people of sodom gomorrah conspired against this natural order and plan of God, seeking to subvert it. As warning, God made an example of them as a sign to those who will come after them.

On the secular precincts, brethren know that our people's rejection of sodom gomorrah, has nothing to do with influence from Saudi or Rome, as many pseudo-human right advocates disingenuously tried to make us believe. It is almost by universal consensus that humanity can only thrive by procreation through the interaction of man and woman not a man and man or female and female.

The proponents of gay rights are quick to accuse us of bigotry and ignorance which I think is at best hollow and illogical. Because this accusation is based on the false premise that Gambians are intolerant and had persecuted gays which is blatantly untrue. It is a very dishonest insinuation aimed at stifling debate on the contentious issue of homosexuality.

What we stand against is, promoting legitimising this noxious behaviour into our laws thus giving it protection and prominence. Which is indeed a vexating challenge to our cultural norms.

Democracy and civil right protection is not about protecting minority interest and whims alone but protecting the interest, sensitivities and values of the majority.

Overt provocation of majority can create an unfavourable environment for the minority which may create an antagonistic environment.

While we empathise with legitimate rights of minorities including those with fetish sexual inclinations, we cannot lose sight of our religious values and obligations to stand for what is pure, proper, progressive and for common good.

We cannot afford to reliquish our religious duty for the protection of minority whims like homosexuality. If we do, we cannot blame anyone for the consequential devine retribution but ourselves.

No one is advocating lynching of sodom gomorrah and kinks in the Gambia, yet our financial benefactors like the EU, want to use aid as weapon to subdue us to accepting an alien concepts inimical to our religion, customs and traditions.

The weaponisation of aid to enforce perverse teaching and practice of sodom gomorrah behaviour will spell a dangerous consequence for human kind. It is primed to subvert the natural order of things, increase promiscuity and confusion of our children who knew very well that, they came about sex and sexuality. Our children knew they have a mother and father, not two fathers or two mothers. Most importantly, It has the potential to end human civilisation.

Without exaggeration, it's more devastating than a weapons of mass destruction because it is aimed at diminishing human proliferation by procreation.

If the World had embrace the practice of sodom gomorrah few centuries ago, many of its advocates would not have been born today to proseltize it.

What confounds me most, is the audacity and irony of their methods of indoctrination.

They have the audacity to teach this evil behaviour to little children at school, creating sexual confusion and unnecessary use of school time.

Audacious for the fact that they want to impose it on the World and proclaim a noxious idea that anyone who opposed their project is an ignorant bigot, what a distortion of facts

Also, audacious for the fact that they have the foolhardiness and somewhat callousness to link aid to acceptance of homosexual behaviour. They use political and financial power to dehumanise and demonize those who oppose their concepts of life and human procreation.

They don't care about human suffering that will happen as a consequence of denial of aid. They disregard the potential cost of social upheavals to nations as result of proliferation of homosexuality because to them accepting it is a sign of progress.

I have this question for gay proponents and their religious backers, Why don't you guys protest to Europe to allow polygamy? Its against their values and we respect them for it, sodom gomorrah is against our values so you must respect us for that.

Let any sodom gomorrah come forward and give testimony where in Gambia his or her rights has been violated because of his or her sexuality. Why the whingeing and clamour.

Is homosexuality an innate quality, meaning one is born with it or an acquired quality. Many of them think they are born with it and they oppose vehemently any attempt to link homosexuality to sexual perversion, sexual confusion or self-impose sensual sickness; thus frustrate the insinuation that it can be cured by some therapy or exorcism.

Finally let the EU, Sodom & Gomorrah and gay right advocates understand that the people of Gambia do not hate gays as a pepole, but they hate homosexual behaviour. This is because of the many antecedent ills to the society, more importantly it is considered as an abomination and inconsistent with cultural and traditional values.

Some people turn the table against EU. They claimed there is greater conspiracy at play. EU is demanding legitimisation of gay rights in the Gambia to prevent any Gambia immigrants claiming asylum in Europe on the pretext of persecution based on sexual orientation.

And Let me tell these gay rights activist, be aware of the web of saitan, he can make person be more sensitive to his or image, credibility, reputation than good morals. Saitan can turn you to unbeliever without you realising it.

And I also ask the EU ambassador whether he will advocate for EU countries to enshrine in their laws, rights of millions of Muslims to practice polygamy especially in situation where women outnumber men by millions. Also if some powerful Muslim country threatened to stop buying their weapons if they don't allow polygamy, will that be acceptable to their dignity?

Lamin Darboe

Editors Note:

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