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Dr Ceesay: Corruption has increased in The Gambia

Government sector corruption in the Barrow government has increased and continue to be a concern, according to Dr Ismaila Ceesay of Citizens’ Alliance. He was speaking at the party’s press conference held earlier today.

Addressing the press, Dr Ceesay said that government has done nothing in the recommendation of the Janneh Commission as people recommended to be sanctioned escaped scot-free and some of these people continue to serve in the government at key and influential positions. Further making a case for his corruption charge, Dr Ceesay said mining licences were issued to a businessman who is a known supporter of the party of the President. On NAWEC, a contract was awarded to a Chinese company who transferred D35m into the bank account of the First Lady’s foundation. Twenty-three brand new Toyota Pick-ups were also received at the Gambia Ports Authority in the name of President Barrow with no evidence of payment of duties for these vehicles and no evidence of the source of funds that purchased these vehicles some of which were given to the NPP of President Barrow. Instead of the Barrow government implementing coalition reform agenda, what we have seen is transformation of individuals at the detriment of the country due to high level corruption charged the Citizens’ Alliance Presidential candidate.

On environment and natural resources of the country, Dr Ceesay highlighted the continuous abuse of our natural resources and damage to environment especially in Kombo South where three fishmeal factories continue to operate in Kartong, Gunjur and Sanyang.

On the 2021 Presidential election, the CA leader expressed concern over lack of voter awareness and registration campaign by the IEC despite the challenges faced by the election body due to budgetary constraints, voter registration and a clear timeline for the election must be advanced to ensure a credible election.

On deportation of Gambians especially from Germany, the CA flagbearer called on the government to clear the air with regards to the true situation of the agreement between GOTG and Germany. Gambians contimnue to be deported with nothing put in place by the government for the returnees some of who arrive with not even money to pay for transport back to their homes.

On Covid-19, Dr Ceesay questioned the seriousness of the government with the release of arguably the worst press release banning all political and social activities from 8th March due to what the government referred to as the emergence of a new variant of Covid. This is laughable as the ban should be immediate and not after the conclusion of political gatherings of President Barrow’s NPP and musical jamborees. Is the “Gambian variant of Covid” going to wait until 8th March to start infecting people? Dr Ceesay metaphorically asked.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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