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Developing Gunjur: D1.2 million raised as UK Gunjurians raised the bar

As the curtains were drawn in the Gunjur Development Fund quarter four global fundraising for development projects in Gunjur, Gunjurians in the United Kingdom crossed the line with a staggering D550 thousand raised in just three months.

Despite the best efforts of the USA- Gunjurians to score a hatrick of wins since the start of the fundrive, the U.K.-Gunjurians meant business this time around by knocking the North Americans off the top spot.

A total of D1,242,328.48 was once again raised in Quarter 4 of the 2023 fundraising campaign.

Below is breakdown of funds raised by each segment of Gunjur on the ground and in the diaspora.

UK               D550,048.48

US               D520,000.00

GUNJUR    D120,100.00

GERMANY   D26,530.00

SWEDEN      D25,650.00

TOTAL  =  D1,242,328.48

In Quarter 1 of 2023, a total of D1,117,650.42 was raised with USA-Gunjurians topping the chart with D435,582.50, followed by Gunjurians at home with D325,416 and UK-Gunjurians with D321,270.42 respectively.

Quarter two saw a whopping D518,175 from Gunjur-North America, D451,690 from the home front and D309,920 from the United Kingdom Gunjurians, D36,850 from Finland and D5,450 from Sweden, respectively.

This kicked off the race for supremacy in Quarter 4 as UK-Gunjurians were determined to capitalise on the strength of the British Pounds Sterling to elevate themselves to the top of the summit.

Despite the colossal individual contribution of MM Scattred Janneh of $2000 for North America-Gunjurians, the brothers and sisters from King’s land were never going to loose the top spot.

To recognise the efforts of these individual contributions, the Gunjur VDC has awarded certificates.



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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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