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Death of a pregnant mother: Tragic accident or a double murder case?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

On the night of 3rd November 2022, a young mother of two who was also said to be pregnant , some say with twins died in her husband’s house in the sprawling coastal settlement of Gunjur, Southern Kombo, The Gambia.

The circumstances that led to the death of Meta Touray, wife of one Saikou Lowe is currently the subject of a police investigation. According to Gunjuronline investigations through sources close to the families of both husband and wife, the death of Meta Touray is being treated with suspicion of murder by her husband due to an alledged history of domestic violence in the marriage.

Deceased mother of two Meta Touray died on 3rd November heavily pregnant

Gunjuronline investigation revealed that shortly before last Tobaski, Meta had allegedly left her matrimonial home and returned to her family compound due to domestic violence she was experiencing from her husband and refused to return despite appeals from family and elders. Eventually, religious leaders were involved who convinced Meta that it would be improper to break the marriage as she was pregnant and that she should return to her husband, despite her cries and concerns she will get killed by her husband through the constant beating she experiences from her husband. The young mother eventually caved in, and reluctantly returned to her allegedly abusive husband.

Fast forward to the night of Thursday 3rd November, according to our investigation, Meta Touray's dead body arrived at the Gunjur Health Centre with bleeding to the head. Health officials were allegedly told the pregnant woman died from breathing difficulty that she usually experiences. Consequently, health officials refused to attend to the body and urged the party to take it to the local police as they are concerned about the bleeding from the head. The body was never taken to the local police station, instead it was returned to the family compound until the morning of Friday 4th November when the deceased was laid to rest.

Further investigation revealed that there was argument at the cemetery when it became apparent that the white cloth covering the body, especially the head was covered in blood as the body was being prepared to be buried. Since the cause of death was said to be from breathing difficulty, concerns were raised when blood was discovered at the burial ground. Family members of the deceased woman insisted that the body should not be buried because of the said blood and that the matter should be reported to the police for investigation into the actual cause of death. Eventually, the body was laid to rest after some negotiations.

Late Meta Touray seen here with her husband Saikou Lowe

Soon after, Meta's family lodged a complaint at the police station and Saikou Lowe was subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder and currently helping the Police Serious Crime unit with their investigations into the circumstances of the death of Meta Touray who is said to be pregnant with twins at the time of her death. Gunjuronline has not been able to independently confirm if Meta was carrying twins or just a single baby.

Did Meta and her unborn child (children) die as a result of her breathing difficulty as claimed by husband and family, was her death accidental in the hands of her husband or a tragic end to innocent lives due to domestic violence that is being effectively covered up by the family? We hope the police investigation will uncover the truth eventually.

This is a developing story, and our investigations are ongoing.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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