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Dida Halake to Lawyer Melville Roberts My good lawyer, tell the police that they have more urgent matters!

Kexx Sanneh “Kidnapping” – Really?? Kexx Says: “It was 1am on Wednesday night. There was an unexpected action at my house when people came and began smashing glasses”.

  1. Question: “It was 1am”! Repeat: “1am” - that is one hour after midnight. At this ungodly hour, “people came and started smashing glasses”. That meant property damage and a breach of the peace. Why did you fail to call the police?

Kexx Says: “We all got up to calm everyone”.

  1. Question: Does the “everyone” include the criminals who were “smashing glasses”? Did you try to apprehend them so that the police can investigate the matter?

Kexx Says: “Then the situation calmed”.

  1. Question: But there has been an attack on your compound bro, with “smashing of glass”! How can the situation “calm” just like that? So you dismissed the incident that has woken up your compound – and presumably the neighbours – at 1am ... and you went back to sleep (Sorry, you didn’t!).

Kexx Says: “I was hungry at the time and decided to go to the shop to buy food”.

  1. Question: So bro, thugs have just attacked your home at 1am and “smashed glasses”. You don’t try to apprehend them or call the police ... but decide to go out to buy food, by yourself one hour after midnight - with the criminals who have just attacked your compound still out there?

I am done, waste of time aking questions about the two-days etc. Gonna put on some Dr. Saxlove and open a bottle of Rosé.



Lawyer Melville Roberts questions

A few people have contacted me and have asked my opinion on the alleged kidnapping of Kexx Sanneh. 1. I do not believe that Kexx Sanneh was abducted by agents of the state neither do I believe that he was abducted by any agents of the UDP or any opposition party for that matter.

2. Almost a year ago Kexx was allegedly hypnotized and approximately D125,000 was taken away from him and he found himself in an open school playground. There were no witnesses to this and police investigations on the circumstances surrounding the alleged hypnosis has gone cold and neither did the police ever issue a statement on this matter. The amount was not insignificant.

3. Going by the editorial of the Fatu Network Kexx had his family home under attack and glass windows were smashed and of course such event must have had the attention of neighbors and passersby. There was no mention that Kexx reported this matter to the police nor was there any report that their home was visited by the police at that point.

4. After the attack on his home which would have left any sane individual baffled, Kexx then decided to leave in the deep of the night alone to go in search of food. How hungry could Kexx have been to dare the outdoors alone after a few hours of an unprecedented attack on his home?

5. Kexx I know as a matter of absolute certainty has more than 2 mobile phones. One which never goes off. I also know that all his phones have a security locked function. Did Kexx leave to go search for food after 1am with all his mobile phones? 6. Who unlocked his mobile phones in order to switch them off (that is assuming they were turned off by the alleged abductors) or even assuming Kexx left his house with all his phones.

7. How did all his phones got turned off that no one could reach him? If this is not the case why was his phone not tuned on and left ringing in the house where other family members could have easily answered the call?

8. Assuming the scenarios of points 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are to go buy why did his immediate family not contact the police immediately and why did it have to be a social media jigsaw puzzle being piece together by anyone and everyone who had time?

9. Was there a missing person's complaint lodged by any family member of Kexx at any point in any police station in The Gambia?

10. Kexx, going by narratives of the TFN editorial was made unconscious immediately he boarded the vehicle with an unknown substance on a handkerchief. It is also said he remained unconscious when he was dropped at the Bakoteh cemetery. Now a simple blood test taken on Kexx will with absolute precision endorse the veracity of such a claim because the chemical contents would still be found in his blood stream hours after being dropped off in a cemetery.

11. Were his mobile phones in his possession when he regained consciousness in the graveyard? He was bound with plastic wires according to TFN, were his mobiles phones bound with him?

12. Who was the lone woman that visited the cemetery and found him bound. Did the screams of Kexx attract others to the cemetery who can also give accounts to his being bound?

13. What police station was the matter reported to as jurisdiction matters in this instance? Was it at the Bakoteh police station?

14. Who is the lady friend of Kexx that Omar Wally spoke to that assured him Kexx was fine and was with her? Why would that lady lie to ascertain the whereabouts of Kexx if indeed she was not with her? And if she is indeed a friend then why was she not worried that Kexx was missing or also state to Omar that she too had not heard from Kexx in days?

15. Do abductors need 72 hrs to threaten a man to stop writing about the state?

16. Did Kexx gain consciousness within the 48 hrs he was held captive and can he be able to identify where he was kept?

17. Did any neighbor or passerby notice kexx being abducted? Did kexx scream before he was dumped into the vehicle? How did the vehicle drop him at the Bakoteh cemetery unnoticed? Did the cemetery have a gate keeper?

18. What is it that Kexx Sanneh writes about and or against the government of The Gambia that little mosquito Alfusainey Jammeh does not write and say? What does Kexx write against the government of The Gambia that Sabally Momodou does not write and say?

19. As far as I am concerned Kexx relays parliamentary proceedings which is loved, accepted and appreciated by all ends of the political spectrum and has absolutely nothing to do with party affiliation.

20. How is Kexx Sanneh a threat to the state and or their opposition?

21. Kexx has granted interviews or made a statement to the TFN and Freedom Radio so why is the matter not going to be discussed?

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