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Bombshell: Henry Gomez pleads guilty to charges of involvement in diplomatic passport saga

By Sainey Darboe:

The former minister of Youth and Sports, Henry Gomez, has admitted culpability to charges of involvement in the diplomatic passport scandal that has engulfed the nascent regime of Adama Barrow.

Henry Gomez admits his German friend was issued with a Gambian Diplomatic Passport by President Adama Barrow but denied involvement in the sale of the passports

In his riposte to allegations of involvement making rounds on social media, Henry Gomez fumed:

“It’s true a German friend of mine was given diplomatic passport. But it wasn’t me who gave it to him. It was Adama Barrow who appointed him ambassador-at-large and gave him diplomatic passport.

I’m facing this fight because of my support for Adama Barrow. This is an attack by UDP people because they don’t like my support for Adama Barrow”.

Henry Gomez also issued chilling warning to his detractors to brace for a slugfest, declaring that he enjoys divine protection that will render his enemies’ plots abortive.

“I know what I have been blessed with by God. If anyone tries to harm me by putting sand in my eyes, God shall fill your eyes to capacity with sand. They have tried to remove Adama with the ‘three years’ plot and when that failed they decided to come after me.

It won’t work and whether they like it or not nothing can remove Adama Barrow. Adama was installed as President by the will of God and anyone who opposes his presidency opposes the will of God”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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