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Barrow bristles at Mama Kandeh’s ‘belittling’ comments, ‘insults’

President Adama Barrow has opened up about his sense of embarrassment for being the target of caustic commentary by GDC leader, Mama Kandeh.The two political leaders and arch rivals hail from the same region and went to school together, but that has done little to parse over their differences.

During a meeting in Jimara district reported by The Point, Barrow revealed:

“When I became president, I made a clarion call to all the natives of Jimara to join and support my government’s development agenda. I even called on Mamma Kandeh to come and work with me because we are a family and he has been my brother and school mate but he flatly refused.

But whether he agrees to join me or not, he cannot do anything to stop my presidency and development agenda.

“I have never mentioned him on any platform. I only did it here today because I am talking at home for both of us. But wherever Kandeh holds meetings, he would try to belittle or insult me, but he cannot belittle me anywhere because it is Allah who accorded me what I am today. Nobody can stop this country from progressing. I am not a politician and never worked in government; that is why I am not here to stay but work to develop the country. It is only work that will benefit us. God does not pay smartness but hard work”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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