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Appeal: Gunjur Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund Drive

In an effort to support the most vulnerable members of society in the sprawling coastal settlement of Gunjur amid the unprecedented times due to the coronavirus pandemic, a fundraising drive has been organised to raise funds.

Gunjur Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund Drive
Gunjur Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Below, we reproduce an appeal letter from Faburama Darboe:


Dear Citizens of Gunjur and friends.

Unagruably, these are extraordinary times.  For the first-time in our lifetimes our mosques, churches, schools, markets have been closed. Social gathering have being discouraged, at worst to the barest minimum of attendance. Individual, family or public movements are restricted, at best discouraged, all in response to the disease whose characteristics, method of contagion and possible cure have not been fully understood, identified or discovered.

With these uncertainties, the Government of the Gambia has requested for the extension of state of Public Emergencies for another 45 days.This means that some of our families, communities and nation are out of business, the implications of which are grave and far reaching, particularly for families whose survival depend on their daily earnings.

Absent that organised framework and necessary social safety nets in our part of the world,  we the communities of Gunjur are kindly requested to step in and pledges support for the most vulnerable in our community.  There is no better time to support your community than now.

A task force was already set up ,named GUNJUR COVID-19 EMERGENCY RELIEF comprising members from the Village Development Committee (VDC)and other relevant CBOs operating in the town to conduct assessment of the most vulnerable as well as procurement and distributing the relief materials.

We know these are trying times for all of us, but We appeal in the name of Gunjur and our social solidarity to give back to the community that helped to shape your human, spiritual and moral personalities.

Remember $25 or £21 can buy a bag of rice for a family.

Blow are the contacts you can make payments:


Faburama Darboe or Ousman Manjang cashApp or ZELLE


Babucar Manjang or Yamusu Jobe

Paradise Express: Acc. No. 37436662,  sort code. 087199


Hatab Jobe 220 211 1231

Buba Lanla Janneh +220 988 3540

May you, family, our communities, nations and the world be saved from this contagion!

Bless you and all... always.


Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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