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Ambassador Pa Lamin Jobe of Gunjur dies

On the heels of the death of Gunjur’s Dr Ahmad Gibril Jassey, the death of another beloved son of Gunjur Pa Lamin Jobe has been announced. Ambassador Jobe died in Guinea Bissau where he serve as Gambia’s Ambassador.

His Excellency, Pa Lamin Jobe hails from Gunjur Jobe Kunda and a brother to Pa Omar Mundow Jobe, Manju Jobe among others. Pa Lamin Jobe is uncle to Njoba Jobe of United Kingdom, Sukai Jobe of USA, Hatab Jobe and others.

Jobe Kunda of Gunjur, Jobe Kunda of Sukuta-Sanchaba, Jobe Kunda of Serekunda and the Jobe Family of Banjul have lost a beloved son in Pa Lamin Jobe.

The remains of Pa Lamin Jobe will be returned to his country of birth for burial.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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