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Abdourahman Jatta has died from his injuries from a serious car accident in Gunjur last week

Abdourahman Jatta, the driver of the private vehicle involved in a serious road traffic accident Gunjur last Tuesday has died today, a week after the tragic accident. He passed away at EFSTH earlier this morning. Abdourahman Jatta is younger brother to Alhagie Ebrima Jatta.

Late Abdourahman Jatta succumbed to his injuries from a fatal car accident last Tuesday

Abdourahman succumbed to the serious injuries he sustained when his vehicle collided with a pickup truck on the Gunjur - Brikama, causing the pickup truck to be split into two pieces.

Gunjur has had alarming rate of road traffic accidents recently which forced the community to approach The Gambia Road Authority to instal speed reduction measures in the parts of the road deemed too dangerous due to speeding cars.

Abdourahman Jatta’s vehicle in red collided with the pickup truck on the Gunjur - Brikama highway last Tuesday


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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