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50km ride for health ends in Gunjur as 57 year old Dr Janneh impresses

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Gunjur: 29 June | Alkali Cham |

The Gunjur Project Association (GPA) a non political organisation based in Gunjur on Saturday held ride for health as malaria awareness campaign.

Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh and crew cycled to raise funds for malaria prevention in Gunjur Kaajabang

This is also done in the the spirit of fundraising for the community of Kajabang and Gunjur as a whole, the proceeds will be use to purchase bed nets and medication ahead of the malaria season.

This campaigned was held in a form of cycling which about 50 kilometers was covered by participants including Dr Amdadou Scattered Janneh.

Speaking to reporters, Dr Scattered Janneh, who is 57 years old manifested spectacular performance to cover over 50 km distance.

Dr Janneh said, Gunjur Project Association has been a major player of development in the community of Gunjur and he expressed gratitude for being a participant also to be associated with fund raising campaign for his own community. He added that the event equally has great health significance, he encourage others to join the project inorder to resist the trouble malaria may have on the community.He challenged others to come up and donate to prepare ahead of malaria season, and he advised the community of Gunjur to be appreciative to the project and challenged them to rally behind them.

In a statement, Jenny Ringstead the Gunjur Project Association's coordinator, stated that the project has been established in Gunjur community for 16 years, according to her it's a local lodge that has been hosting international students from Europe mainly. She mentioned that students do stay within the community to interact with the people of the community inorder to share cultural practices, provide communal support among host of other community related interventions.

It could be recalled that the same project donated hundreds of bag of rice to every household within the community of Kajabang amidst covid-19 pandemic and state of emergency declared in the country.


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