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Captain Baboucarr Bah lied under oath before the TRRC - Dr Minteh

Captain Baboucarr Bah lied Under Oath Before The Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission.

In his testimony hearing before the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission in the Gambia, Captain Baboucarr Bah lied under oath about Events of November 11, 1994. The claims about an impending Mercenary Attack leading to preparations undertaken that evening was very insulting and disrespectful to the officers and men executed by the Military Junta in 1994.

Dr Binneh S Minteh faults Captain Baboucarr Bah's testimony at the TRRC on Tuesday 12th February

By making that statement Captain Bah simply implied that men were lured by officers into the plan, which is not true. Captain Bah very well knows that about 75 -80% of the Army were part of the planned operation. The plan only went wrong when information was compromised in the early hours of the evening by an element from Yundum who was linked to the Presidential Guard. Similarly, when asked about other details of executions, he failed to mention even the names of his batch mates executed by the Junta. Lieutenant's Buba Jammeh and Momodou Lamin Darboe were recruited and trained together with Mr. Bah in the Gambia and sent together to Turkey for respective overseas training. Is Mr. Bah telling Gambians that he doesn't know about the brutal execution of his Batch mates? The officers and men executed by the military junta for the November 11th abortive coup were honorable citizens who sacrificed to end dictatorship. Peddling lies about them in any way is disrespectful and insulting to their families. Perhaps one evident truth about Captain Baboucarr Bah's testimony was accepting that he committed torture, which is an international crime that is punishable by law. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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