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German tourists visit Gunjur backway start-up

By Sainey Darboe A total of seven German tourists recently visited the Gunjur-based Sarjo NK Darboe Farming Project in a bid to achieve familiarization with its operations and potential as a model for other ‘backway’ returnees. 

Speaking to Gunjur Online about the January 7th, 2019 visit, Demba Darboe said: 

“The visit from friends in Germany was wonderful. I really appreciated the visit and contributions they made to the development of this project. We had a chance to talk about the development of our future plans and challenges that we face at the moment. We are together in this and together we can build strong foundations that will support large numbers of people”. Demba Darboe, also known as Sarjo NK Darboe is one of thousands of Gambian youths who braved the Sahara desert and Mediterranean Sea to Europe in search of refuge from the murderous regime of Yahya Jammeh. He returned home following the fall of Jammeh regime to set up a farming project that will help alleviate food insecurity in the tiny West African country,while providing training and source of livelihood for young people. Demba Darboe added that he only left The Gambia to go to Europe with the over-arching aim of making a new start,but not to settle in Europe hence the voluntary decision to return home. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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