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MY TAKE ON FATU NETWORK INTERVIEW WITH MR SEEDIA BAYO If Barrow complained that it is not time for politicking but want all hands deck achieve the goals of National Development Plan (NDP), he must lead by example not words. He must show a good example by desisting from all activities that can evoke political sentiments. If Barrow is not politicking or politicizing our National Development, Why: 1. why did he set up BYM, 2. why did he organised politically choreographed meetings at the state house as if 3. the state house is a political Bureau 4. Why is he dishing monies to chairmen/women and councillors, motorcycles for only political people 5. Why is he calling chiefs and imams to his tent only to discuss his politics and castigate other leaders as non-sincere 6. Why the meetings stationed principally to glorify him but disparage his minister especially UDP ministers and those ministers don't have the option to defend themselves. 7. Why did he appoint his own campaign managers 8. Why the NDP is projected as only Barrow's development plan and give prominence to his political agenda 9. Why those who were the real architects who procured the funds from donors countries are suddenly side-lined and seen as saboteurs All these orchestrations show something is not right and other stakeholder parties have the right to be concerned. Everyone agrees that Barrow should concentrate operationalizing the goals of the coalition that brought him to power but it is clear to all that he has political ambitions. If you don't want politics in the your three mandate then stop politicking yourself, simple. Only amateurish politicians or political observers will buy into Barrow's proclamation that he is fixing his gaze on building the nation and this moment is not time for politics. 

It is not rocket science to figure out that Barrow want to construct his own political force under the nose of current incumbent parties who seem to have gone into hibernation.  

Perhaps this is because they are still observant to the goals of the coalition and hence draw down on political activity. The only recognizable political events they organised was the annual congress which is mandated by electoral laws of the Gambia. However Barrow was taking full advantage of the political lull by organising what event in many ways in conducted like a political event subtly camouflaged or staged like a state event when it actually assume the appearance of a political image making for Barrow.

BYM is a Political Party in making It is an open secret that the last coalition one-year celebration, UDP party militants were discouraged to wear the yellow shirts while the new BYM members were issued with BYM T-shirt. All these actions are designed to showcase Barrow as a possible contender in the next presidential election and that he can go on his own. Anyone who witness the APRC junta machinations during the first six months of the power grab will see striking similarities. By no coincidence, the same people who agitated and managed the APRC green boys are at the heart of the BYM right now and they are the very people who make derogatory and misleading statements to show the seed of discord between Barrow and Darboe. This very polarising and harming our country in many ways. There a negative political atmosphere, mistrust between family members, setting up a brother against a brother, a friend against a friend, even causing discord and malediction within clans in the villages and towns.

It creates suspicion and finger pointing and people who used to cooperate to engage in enterprising and resources economic activities are now pointing fingers at each other of being in the payroll of BYM. Does Barrow want a legacy that exhibit these sorts of malevolence and hatred. Is power worth that epitaph on his political grave. Therefore, will be political suicide any party to enter into a period of inactivity giving chance to BYM to build a solid political platform which can be easily switched to Barrow.

BYM is all about Barrow and no one else, as if Barrow personally own the monies they are investing in some superficial development projects. The bind-buckling question is, where is all these funds used to buy machines, motorcycles etc coming from. Who is funding it and for what purpose.

This is treachery and only uncanny politicians will be swayed by a deliberately choreographed set of excuses and false explanations as to real goals of BYM. The real goal is to make other parties sleep will Barrow subtly establish himself to become a potent force at their disadvantage. Why reappoint our APRC chief accomplices to Yaya’s misrule.

It is no accident that Barrow surround himself with APRC stalwarts and chief enabblers, from Tangara, to Maburay Njie, Bala Garba Jahumpa, Seedy Njie, Musa Susso, Momodou Sabally, etc.. these people were the image of APRC mal-administration, economic prostitution, Financial manipulation of Parastatals and the very architect of the draconian laws that ensure oppositions to YAYA JAMMEH is silenced. It is the height of betrayal to maintain the same people who destroyed our country as new leaders again, to continue as an axis of mismanagement in our country.

Is it that there Barrow cannot find competent people among those fought very courageously to accomplish the changes, has the midnight so dark so quickly that Barrow cannot recognise the competent people around him or even among the people in the diaspora that he can only trust Yaya's unrepentant enablers. These people were the face of evil and pernicious dictatorship who, for 22 years destroyed our economy, destroyed the image of our country, kill our people, discourage local businesses and created a Youth time bomb. A time bomb which exploded into a mass backway emigration, until today cause a mayhem. It resulted in a massive loose of life, lose or resources from parents and break-up of some families. Huge influx of Gambians into Germany, Italy, France, Spain etc causing huge social and political problems. How can architect of some dangerous developments still be accorded ministerial positions in Barrow Government.

Now we hear of Momodou Sabally being accorded proximal status and is once again allowed to perpetrate his toxic politics and wield his arrogant economic theories as if he is an expert developmental economics. Tell me what special expertise equip Musa Susso or what unique legacy has he left in his last tenure in West Coast that qualify him to be reappointed as deputy governor other than political machinations. It is clear Barrow want to turn Brikama governor's office into a BYM political Bureau and Musa Susso is very capable of building a political sycophantic ambience.

Barrow is making profound mistakes and is creating many enemies within the country. We cannot afford to see the fruits of our victory against an atrocious dictatorship being destroyed by the political whims and power greed of one man. What can Musa Susso differently for the people of Brikama to what he did in his tenure under yaya Jammeh dictatorship. Is there no competent sons or daughters of Brikama, Gunjur, Sukuta, Brufut and other villages who can do a good job as deputy commissioner.

Fatu Network interview with Mr Seedia Bayo

As I listen to Fatounetwork (shall I say Fatoumoneywork) interview with ..Mr Bayo...... it seems both were really sarcastic by parroting Barrow’s line that this is not the time for politics. By supporting the fallacy that this not time for politics, by logical extension means, Darboe should not be engaged in political activity. I think that part of their conversation was very whimsical and myopic. It was very sympathetic to Barrow in contravention of journalistic rigour in providing proper analytical review, fair and balance exegesis. It seems Fatou is not playing a fair and balance (as Pa Nderry always put it) umpire role in that political discourse. Seldom I surmise, she is induced by her recent proximity to the ubiquitous first lady. Lady Macbeth, the most polarising political operator on the side of her husband. Hatred of her action is hurting Barrow’s politics. It is also diminishing people trust and confidence in Barrow, let FatouNetwork conduct an opinion poll and see.

My last observation is why the. conversations was in English when they can both speak local languages while majority of Gambian audience can’t understand English. I really can understand that if the audience is western ambassadors in the Gambia or the English speaking class in the country. I really don't get the sense. Dictators employ the same rule book My fellow Gambians dictators come in various fashion but they employ almost the same strategy. They first want to sell themselves as the only competent saviours and that the development of their people is dependent on allegiance to them. They diligently construct that image of omnipotence and prodigal messianic aura into the mind of the people. 

They place exuberant pictures in billboards looking gay and brilliant. They undertake grandiose projects even if that would entail huge financial outlay that has to potential of bankrupting the government finances. They surround themselves with yes men. People of low moral conscience and who can stoop so low to do any unscrupulous enterprise to help a dictator cement his power. He rewards sycophancy and belittle honest and hard-working men and women of substances.

Let us be on our guard and stamp our feet down to fight tooth and nail against anyone who want to change our victory into misery for his own political whims. Barrow is a good man, many have reached that consensus and I have no doubt in my mind that he is gently and courteous but let him be aware of the trappings and glitter of power, it can blind even the most elect of God. Those around him want power and money so they will scarcely advise him to keep to his word because that will mean the end of their privileges.

Darboe should show excellent statesmanship

I cannot not end this article without cautioning VP Ousainou Darboe that he has to show exemplary and scintillating leadership in this politically charged time. Convince us that you are more experienced and better prepared to lead.

He had erred in defending the five constitutional mandate. Many felt betrayed by that hard position he took even though it was not a party position. Barrow will be asked by his maker why he gave precedence to constitutional in defiance of sacred trust undertaken by his freewill. Mr Darboe should rise above the pettiness and undesirable political hiatus of the moment and portray himself as father figure even to wayward child. No disrespect to the president because these were his own words that have come to haunt him. Darboe must put national interest first before his political interest because he has spent one-third of his life fighting dictatorship in all its manifestations, has sacrificed immensely therefore he should not let all that go in vain. He should look to Gambia as one unit and treat all regions as stakeholders in the Gambian political and socio-economic cake. That Kombo counts. The people of Kombo are murmuring and it would not be long before our frustrations are translated into an unstoppable political whiff which can turn into a palpable political orchestration. I hope you know what I mean, as father figure, all regions are equal.


Gambians are crying for basic amenities and the government should re-focus its direction and energy to reduce loan and grant dependency, for our economic independence and be aware of accepting projects that will mortgage the future of children to imperialist economic adventurist.

Right now, 50% of our budget is financed by loans and grants, which expose our economy to existential risk with real negative effect on our economy. Huge chunks of our revenues are expended on debt financing crowing out investing in capacity building and innovation. Barrow has come to build the foundation of a vibrant democracy, development oriented to take this generation to the next stage. And to the parliament and the speaker, you are under watch and the recent imbroglio concerning the SAB does not show much competence in the dispensation of your parliamentary oversight duty of clamping on executive excesses and mal-administration. Much is happening without any hiccups from the parliament and you swore to defend our interest.

Thank you all.

Lamin Darboe Leicester UK 

Editor’s note: 

Views expressed in the above article are those of the author and does not represent the views of Gunjur News Online. The article is published verbatim as received from the suthtor.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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