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Darboe led us into this imbroglio by flushing the transitional term of 3 years into the drain. Now Darboe's chickens have come home to roost. Hate or love me, it's all the same. I am so incense with Barrow's cross inefficiencies and virtually reincarnating Jammeh regressive and oppressive style of stewardship of our government that I have no fear whatsoever in my heart. Barrow just as Jammeh did, thought development is all about building structures by drowning our country into unpayable debts from whoever is willing to throw Dollars or projects at us. He does not care about the present and future cost to the nation, all he wants is to point to development he has done so as to attract the people. The coalition agreement captures the aspiration of our people and it seems all political parties, after tasting the grill of power and all its trapping walked away from the MOU like it has never been cobbled by their own hands.  

Where is principle, where is conscience, where is truthfulness, where is the ideals we fought for and for which many vanished never to be seen.  

Where is the ideal Solo Sandeng, Ansu Krouma and many gallant sons who took the ultimate sacrifice?. Brethren let's think hard about the direction our country is being blindly led to by a bunch of self-serving charlatans that shrouded Barrow from seeing the ideals he stood for on 16 December 2016.

Its really disheartening to see our tormentors and political prostitutes being repackaged and reappointed for selfish and political whim for an egregious and clueless leader who when he stood to put on the mantle of coalition flag bearer, we all rejoiced with tears. We could see the glitter of a new and fruitful political and socio-economic dispensation on top of the mountains. With fragrance of flourishing flowers written words that captures the essence of a new Gambia. Hope of a new beginning where resides proper economic management of our resources, an energetic and aspiring leaders with thirst for human, skill, entrepreneurship and technical capacity building, a strong appetite to build basic Infratratute by creating a sustainable economic consensus that will eradicate government waste, prodigious travelling cost, political grandiosity and self perpetuating leadership. 

We wanted to fold back Jammeh's despotic leadership recoiled from preposterous parties, meetings and celebrations that consume huge resources while our people wallow in arificial poverty. Paucity of basic medical facilities, river and road communications jaundice or close to disrepair.

Brothers lets wake up from the slumber of inactivity and sycophantic support for our parties and leaders, stand up for justice and fairness so that the dreams for which so many perished can be realised. Rise up, brethren, rise up to reclaim our nation from the clutches of ineffective and myopic leadership. 


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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