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Embattled Sifoe Principal: Only the Ministry can remove me

By Sainey Darboe & Alhagie Ebrima Jatta The embattled principal of Sifoe Senior Secondary School, Sarjo Jobe, has vowed to stay the course despite ardent calls for his departure by disenchanted staff and students. According to reliable sources reaching Gunjuronline, Mr. Jobe “convened a meeting with all the councilors and class reps early this morning where he asked whether they wanted him to stay or not. And they replied ‘yes we don't want you to stay’.

“Mr Jobe replied by saying; ‘I will never ever leave this school’ and he repeated it 5 times. He said it’s only the ministry that has the power to remove him”. Mr. Jobe has come under stringent criticism over his management style and perceived deterioration of sanitary conditions, as well as poor working conditions for staff. Gunjuronline tried to reach him for comments without success. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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