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Gunjur ward distances itself from Barrow, as UDP leadership fight hots up

As the tectonic plates shift in the fight for UDP party leadership ahead of December Congress, Gunjur ward has expressed loyalty to founder and current Secretary General of the party Ousainou Darboe who doubles as Vice President in the coalition government under President Adama Barrow.

Will UDP elect Barrow or Darboe as party leader at December congress?

In a media release, Gunjur ward councilor, Momodou Charreh Jibba declared: 

“A declaration by our former constituency chairman at the Jambanjelly rally that "ADAMA BARROW IS THE FLAG BEARER OF UDP " does not represent the views of Gunjur ward. That declaration was not in our name and does not represent our opinion. Gunjur ward strongly remains with the UDP led by Hon. Ousainu Darboe. No amount of money or material can buy our loyalty or allegiance. #BARROW AS UDP FLAG BEARER - #NOT IN OUR NAME. #GUNJUR WARD UDP”. 

Mr Jibba’s remarks were in direct response to Mr Buba Gitteh, former UDP Kombo South Chairman who was vocal in his support of President Adama Barrow as flag bearer/leader of the UDP in the next presidential elections. 

Mr Gitteh was speaking at an event in Jambanjelly for the NAWEC electricity expansion project in the area. The event was attended by big wigs of both the UDP and the government of The Gambia. There was Dou Sanno, Musa Susso, the Brikama UDP Chairman, Ajie Ya Mai Secka and other dignitaries including the Gunjur Ward UDP councillor who deputised for the Kombo South district chief.

The open display of support from Buba Gitteh for President Adama Barrow as UDP flag bearer may be insignificant, but what it reveals is that all is not well within the UDP with regards to the leadership of the party in the run up to the December congress.

Present at the event were top UDP officials with divided loyalty between current party leader and the incumbent, President Adama Barrow who resigned from the UDP to contest the 2016 presidential elections as coalition flag bearer.

Alhassan Darboe, Gunjur News Online resident political analyst had this to say about the split emerging within UDP. 

"UDP is facing assault from the very seat of power. From within and from without. The slow but sure disintegration of UDP setting forth from the very important electoral constituency of Kombo South is spreading nationally with a frightening speed. What is rather interesting and disappointing is the fact that Lawyer Darboe as VP is not saying anything about Barrow's State House assault and threats against any rival candidates within UDP. Barrow's statements were against the democratic ideals and institutions of UDP and the spokesperson for UDP, Almameh Fafanding Taal could not be bothered to put out a statement to defend the integrity and ideals of his party. Almameh Fafanding Taal has failed as a spokesperson for UDP and must resign ASAP. I can understand Darboe's silence as Vice President but Almameh Taal's silence is very unforgivable as it is incompetent. He gotta be fired to pave way for a firebrand, eloquent, charming and fearless UDP spokesperson to rebrand and defend the party from the sinister power brokers that are setting out to destroy the party from within" 

Therefore, will Adama Barrow eventually get the nudge as party leader and presidential candidate come December, or will the party remain faithful to current leader and Secretary General Ousainou Darboe for leadership and candidature for the next presidential election?  

Or, could there be another twist in the leadership tale within the UDP? Time will tell.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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