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An Open Letter To Ba Tambedou - Tukulorr Sey

Honorable Tambadou, When I lost faith in this government, I always found solace in the fact that at least you are one to curb those worries. Thus, I am flabbergasted that you of all people would make such utterances. You attended a donor conference and you and I both know that the pledges are CONDITIONAL. You know that human rights are core values in those funds being translated into grants. Hon. Tambadou, the video of you making those statements have gone viral and we might as well kiss some of those pledges goodbye. Honorable, the following burning issues (to name a few) published by the Gambian media aren’t false news: 1. The mysterious D34/35 million dalasis that landed in the bank account of the First Lady of The Gambia’s Foundation 2. The bribery of A FEW National Assembly members by a GOVERNMENT CIVIL SERVANT Lamin Cham, who’s major aim is to win favors for President Barrow 3. President Barrow traveling with a private jet to the UN when days before that, his government was crying of hunger Honorable, GAMBIANS ARE NO LONGER AFRAID and instead of making empty threats to stifle their voices, you should concentrate on the following outstanding and URGENT INCOMPLETE TASKS: 1. Prosecute the murderers of Solo Sandeng and also hand his body to his family so they can have closure. They appealed to you during the second anniversary of his death. They need to give him a proper burial 2. Create avenues for victims of Jammeh to receive financial help from the government while you figure out the TRRC process because their wounds and trauma have created disabling conditions that hinder their ability to work. Kalamaa Revolution, April 10/11 and other victims need urgent medical care but you have not touched anything from their side 3. Although you appear to have a team for the review of Gambia’s constitution, we don’t hear about any movements towards undoing Jammeh’s dictatorial laws, INCLUDING THOSE BOGUS MEDIA LAWS 4. You promised the diaspora that we will have voting rights. Work on that! Honorable, as a leader of an institution that is there to UPHOLD laws, you should have a temperament that is worthy of emulation, and not use threats to get your message across. Sincerely, Tukulorr Sey

Photo credit (Tukulorr Sey) Hon. Ba Tambedou - Gambian Justice Minister

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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