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I'm shamed and disgusted by the allegations made by Hon. Sanna Jawara that sitting National Assembly Members are called to queue at the Statehouse to collect cash in bags in what could only be an attempt to buy loyalty. First I'd want to commend Hon. Jawara and pronounce my absolute support to him for outing both the disgusting souls extending this offer and the recipients. This is what is befitting of decent, upright, credible people who presented themselves to not only be the people's representatives but to serve. For total disclosure, I have spoken to THREE NAMs who all confirmed to me that they had received calls Yesterday that the president said he understands that they are burdened by expectations of their constituents and other responsibilities, so he's going to allocate them D10,000 monthly allowance. So they should go collect the first payment at the Statehouse. This allegation is an indictment on the President and the presidency, and Barrow's inability to assure Gambians that he's poised and able to combat corruption. Already Gambians have seen and are unhappy with the spate of unanimous donors and an all of a sudden magnanimity of a leadership that is akin to greed and corruptibility. But to daringly stoop to a filthy level of latrine scum to offer cash of that amount at a time the country and citizens are knee level struggling economically, is outright despicable. Where is the President going to get that money from? I'm recommending and expecting immediate investigation into this allegation to find out why President Barrow would do this dirty, sad and treasonous act, who is on it with him, who are the recipients and what specially is this bribery for. A legislative and police investigation into this criminal inducement be swift, with any found culpable losing their elected position and prosecuted. If the President is found to be paying to buy members of the Legislative arm or any Gambian holding public office, s.67.1 should be invoked to commence IMPEACHMENT process for Misconduct. If any lawmaker is found to have accepted bribery must lose their seats be prosecuted. In hindsight, it's perfectly great that the Gambia did not contest the National Assembly elections as Coalition Independent Candidates. The President would have pocketed and controlled all the NAMs. That frustration is what is pushing him this desperately. Criminals and criminal behaviours have no place in any decent society, and certainly not in the better, progressive Gambia we want to build. This is unacceptable and I'm embarrassed beyond limits that President Barrow and his gang of filthy minions are putting the presidency into disrepute. I'm comforted in knowing and seeing that decent people like Hon. Jawara do exist, and are determined to not only reject but lay bare dishonourable mechanisation that could threaten our nation and democracy. 

Pata PJ Saidykhan - Ashamed of The Presidency and Statehouse

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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