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Ahmad Gitteh: Acting SSHFC MD broke law with D1M personal loan

The acting managing director of Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation, Abdoulie Cham, is guilty of violating company policy with a D1M personal loan, according to activist Ahmad Gitteh. Weighing in on the Social Security controversy, the Canada-based UDP political hack postulated: “Here is the reality of what has been happening: Abdoulie Cham accessed the 50/50 car loan policy three times in 5 years. He is under the act and rules only entitled to the 50/50 loan policy once. Apr 2010, D225k, Nov 2012 350k, and Mar 2016 D425k - a total subsidy of D1,000,000. With the matching loan it means D2,000,000 outlay for Abdoulie Cham. He was only entitled to access only once in this period. This is criminal Mr Cham. Momodou Camara and his colleagues are aware of all of this, but never made a single mention of it much more complain about it. What are they fighting for ?”.

Social Security Housing and Finance Corporation has been steeped in chaos and controversy since the commencement of protests by staff over alleged misappropriation of funds by suspended managing director, Muhammed Manjang. Following a lock-down of the corporate offices by staff, MD Muhammed Manjang has been suspended pending the outcome of investigations expected to last a month.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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