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Momodou Sabally faults the appointment of Alagie Barrow to the TRRC

Momodou Sabally, erstwhile Secretary General and Minister of Presidential Affairs under former Gambian President Jammeh has faulted the appointment of one Alagie Barrow to the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC). Alagie Barrow is a member of the Gambian diaspora military team that tried to dislodge Jammeh from power in December 2014 albeit unsuccessfully leading to the death of Lamin Sanneh and others. Writing on his Facebook page, Sabally fumed: “So they have decided to appoint a complete idiot and tainted criminal to become a major part of our truth and reconciliation commission. This move is a great disservice to the alleged victims. for all of you wondering why I spoke out against the appointment of Alhagie Barrow as key staff of the truth and reconciliation commission, here is my point: A man who took guns and tried to take out the leadership of the past regime, should not be allowed to take any part in a truth and reconciliation outfit”. 

Alagie Barrow appointed as Director of Research and Investigations 

Sabally, while condemning Barrow’s appointment to TRRC revealed his past beef with Barrow which played out on the front pages of Voice Newspaper “This same guy was quoted in a front page Voice newspaper story saying "I wouldn't mind if Jammeh beheaded Momodou Sabally". Now if barrow made this remark during the past regime, I would have forgiven him and would not hold that against him, but this guy made this remark this year, during this very transition period. How can such a person play any role in our reconciliation process??? With all the blatant mistakes being committed in our transition process, one thing we could not afford to mess up with is the truth and reconciliation commission. We owe it to the victims and their families that we appoint fit and proper people to staff this commission.” Sabally concluded .

Nyang Njie, Gambian social commentator however disagreed with Sabally. Responding to Sabally on his timeline, Nyang Njie wrote: “Jammeh is FAIR GAME. Most well meaning Gambians supported the efforts of the December 30th attempt on Jammeh. Gambia has been held hostage by the Butcher and Alhagie and co are heroes to many. Jammeh is still wanted dead or alive. Good effort Alhagie Barrow. I dilute Mr. Alhagie Barrow for his valour, conviction and devotion to country. Maximum respect for your efforts to oust one of the most despicable sons of the Gambia. Wished you succeeded”

Ebou Jallow, former spokes person for APRC military junta added his voice to the ongoing debate on Alagie Barrow’s appointment to TRRC “appointing a convicted criminal is stupid,wrong,unethical and completely undermines the credibility of the TRRC”

Sulyaman Bokarr Bah, a UK based legal analyst added “Amidst controversy surrounding Alhagie Barrow's appointment in the TRRC, I submit that he is not suitable for the role of a Researcher and Investigator. Mr. Barrow was convicted under a fair criminal justice system. Therefore, one could argue that he was an offender. His criminal record should be looked at. Although in South Africa every blackman/woman was a victim of the apartheid regime, none of the victims who took part in the TRRC were convicted by a competent court of law in relation to defiance against the regime. In other words, what Barrow and others were convicted for is punishable under both Gambia and U.S. laws.” 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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