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GDA, Dabanani Electrical to remove crane above mosque

Gunjur Development Association(GDA) in partnership with Dabanani Electrical Engineering are in full swing to engage with the government to remove the long standing Tower Crane from the top of Gunjur sacred mosque (Chine-Chine Jamento). The crane which has been there for almost three years without use is a major concern for the community of Gunjur and all the frequent visitors to the Mosque. Speaking to this GunjurNewsOnline reporter, Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, a Human Rights Activist and a member of GDA said it is a major concern to see this crane on top of the mosque for so long which may pose possible danger when it fall down. With the implications and possible fatality the crane may cause when it falls down, I took it upon myself to discuss with the mosque committee to look for professional contractors that we can constructively engage with the government to help us to get the crane down from above the mosque.

Mankamang Touray also informed this medium that Alhagie Conteh (CEO) of Dabanani Electrical Engineering(DEE) is willing to take the mantle for this crane to be taken down. “I have discussed with him and he assigned me to contact the possible contractors and that he will appeal to the authorities for help. Alhagie Conteh is a prominent personality in Gunjur who always promote excellence in the community, he have sponsored many projects in Gunjur and many times extending helping hands to people.” Mr Touray concluded.

The Company contracted for the project is TIMBER CO. LTD in the Gambia. Speaking to this medium, Ahmet M. Tasbasi of Timber Co. Ltd said following a short meeting and conversation with Mankamang Touray and delegation about dismantling of the tower crane in Gunjur, we are pleased to inform you of our confidence in executing this job without an issue. He further stated that after the site visit, the company will prepare a work plan, we strongly feel we should be able to get the job done without any glitch. As we have all the equipments, personnel and machinery to effectively shrink the Crane then bring it down. My company is well equipped and specialises in Building and Construction, Forklift and Crane Hire, Trades in Building Materials and Marine Salvage/ Logistics.

The sacred Mosque was founded in the 18 Century and has been visited by many prominent Islamic Scholars including Zaik Neik of India. Visitors to the mosque pray for the blessings from Allah. Another prominent Islamic scholar who visited the Mosque was Saikou Omar Futi from Senegal who stayed there for years to ask blessing from Allah, which many believed where he(Saikou Omar Futi) completed his Islamic Caliphate. The place is known and visited by many people from Sub Saharan Africa to ask blessings from Allah.

During 22 years of dictatorship in the Gambia, the place was grabbed by former Gambian Dictator Jammeh who demolished the indigenous Mosque and build the modern structure. The Mosque was regarded as a no go area during former President Dictator Jammeh's era, but now in this new dispensation it is open for use by everyone.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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