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Golden Lead resumes operation, reaches out of court settlement with partner

Golden Lead Import and Export company has resumed operations in their Fish meal processing plant located on the shores of Gunjur Beach.

This follows an “out of court settlement” with a former shareholder who dragged the company to the High Court following her sacking and termination of her shares in the company. A competent source has confirmed to GunjurNewsOnline that the injunction that was passed by the High Court on Golden Lead has now been revoked following the settlement. The move followed negotiations between the lawyers of Golden Lead and that of shareholder Leon to settle the matter amicably and out of court.

Photo: Golden Lead Fish meal processing plant in Gunjur

The out of court settlement means the factory resumes operations and a former partner and shareholder returns to the company with her shareholding intact, said our source.

It could be recalled that this medium reported that a High Court injunction has been passed for an immediate halt of the operations of the company and the freezing of two of the company’s onshore bank accounts. The Sheriff division of the High Court of The Gambia visited the premises of the company to take stock of the company’s assets as part of the court order.

Ms Leon was a shareholder of Golden Lead Company who was allededly dismissed and her shares in the company returned to her which she wss displeased with. She filed a court case against the company at the High Court to add to the mounting legal problems of the company.

Golden Lead Company is still locked in a civil law suit case at the high court with a consortium of concerned environmental groups who filed a claim against the company for D15 million damages to the environment as a result of discharging untreated Fishmeal processing waste into the nearby lagoon and into the sea. The civil suit case resumed at the High Court on 20th July for pre-trial. The case could not proceed as the defendant’s Lawyer was said to be out of jurisdiction.

The Counsel for Golden Lead had written to Court saying he was out of country on national duty. Matter adjourned by the presiding judge and costs of D5000 levied against Golden Lead company.

The High Court now goes on vacation from Tuesday, 31 July until first week of October. Golden Lead vs Gunjur Environmentalists Matter comes up again on 20 November at 12:00.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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