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Gunjur to benefit from 35 metres range fibre optic Wi-Fi hotspot

The sprawling coastal settlement of Gunjur in Kombo South is to benefit from access to high speed fibre optic broadband internet through a public wi-fi hotspot system to be installed by the country’s telecommunications giant, Gamtel. 

This was disclosed by Hon. Ebrima Sillah, Minister of Information and Communications at the president’s meet the people’s tour meeting held in Gunjur on Thursday, 26th July. Hon. Sillah disclosed that Gamtel carried out a survey to implement a pilot project of Wi-Fi hotspots following trenching to install fibre optic broadband network across the country. 

The wifi hotspots which will have a range of 35m will be piloted at a selected five locations in the Kombos. Gunjur, Brikama, Serekunda Market, Brusubi turntable, and Westfield junction are to trial a public wi-fi hotspot system as part of Gamtel’s effort to bring high speed internet connectivity to the doorstep of the masses. Users connected to the wi-fi hotspot can browse the internet up to 35m range away from the location of the hotspot thereby giving access to wide range of users on the go.

In a similar development, the minister has also disclosed that Gunjur, Kartong, Sanyang, Tujering, Tanji will also pilot a project where fisher folks will have their boats connected to a wi-fi network to assist in navigating the high seas to help avoid areas that may pose danger to the fishermen. The system will also help the fishermen by predicting weather conditions. It will also link the fishermen with markets beyond the borders of the Gambia.

The system when fully operational, will help improve the delivery system in the value chain, minister Sillah concluded.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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