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Fatou Jaw Manneh: Barrow is weak and dishonest against the Diaspora

Former journalist and activist, Fatou Jaw Manneh, has taken a swipe at President Barrow accusing him of being “weak and dishonest against the Diaspora”. 

Fatou Jaw Manneh with President Adama Barrow 

Explaining her disenchantment at the Barrow administration, she wrote on her Facebook page: “I believe the coalition leaders have failed us in as much as overwhelming the New Gambia situation is. First of all Barrow should step down after 3 years. That was the mandate and agreement . Not 5 years. If he wants to stay for 5 years then a referendum should be called upon for the Gambian people to decide. UDP his home base should do us all a big favor and prepare him to leave after 3 years. Secondly, some of us are seriously disappointed and heartbroken that Halipha Sallah did not keep the Spokesperson position or given something higher within the government. I do not support PDOIS as a party neither have any affiliation with it but Halipha did an excellent job through his career in politics especially during the dangerous time/ impasse. We trusted him and felt he was disrespected or betrayed. Barrow should have kept him closer. Because of the disappearance of Halipha, this government became suspect from the get go”. While touching on the firing of former Interior Minister and head of GMC Mai Fatty, Jaw Manneh elucidated: 

“Plus Mai Fatty should not have been fired. We like his energy during trying times. He is smart and brave but Lord he got a bloated head. The simple easy going guy turned into something else. Power got into his head. A warning from Barrow would have brought him back on earth. We expect the coalition partners to stick together for the transition period. Put structures in place , not function as a new government. Barrow is weak and dishonest against the Diaspora. The APRC MUST BE BANNED. And all the culprits ferrying money for Yaya Jammeh stay HOME until they are cleared of wrong doing from the bloated resource wasting commission of enquiry. Jammeh/ APRC still rules the country and are undermining our new democracy. The coalition should stay strong together during the transition and put politicking on the back burner for now. Plus I like and respect Mama kandeh but he is not quite president yet”. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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