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Dr Janneh tasks gov’t over plight of victims, as nation marks Solo Sandeng’s anniversary

Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh

Dr Janneh tasks gov’t over plight of Yaya Jammeh's victims 

On the anniversary of Solo Sandeng’s arrest and demise after torture by NIA agents, Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh has urged the government to take the plight of surviving victims with a sense of urgency.

The leader of Liberal Alliance Party and former minister of Information for The Gambia’s quondam tyrannical leader, Yahya Jammeh, said: 

“To honour the legacy of Solo Sandeng, the government should take seriously the urgent medical needs of the victims of Jammeh's tyranny”

USA based Human Rights Activist - Tukulor Sey

For her part, US-based activist Tukulor Sey postulated: “All who were arrested, killed, maimed, tortured, disappeared during Yahya Jammeh's dictatorship have a horror story to tell and for members of political party UDP, April 14/16 2016 was the beginning of very trying times. I remember when stories reaching us stated that Solo Sandeng was tortured to death and we didn't want to believe it. Two days later, Uncle Ousainou Darboe recorded a videotaped message stating in Mandinka "Mbal Yamarr Lah!" (am appealing to all of you)! When we go out DO NOT cause any violence! I am ready to die because I am going to ask for Solo Sandeng dead or alive. We all cried, we all worried, and we all wondered. We all knew how much Yahya Jammeh loathed Mr. Darboe”. Further enumerating the impact of the protest, she added: The diaspora joined in and united in ways unimaginable - there was no party affiliation. We were all Gambians united to fight for the freedom of our political prisoners. The political parties united and formed Coalition 2016. The Gambian electorate put the final nail in Yahya's reign of terror and today, we are free at last, free at last!

UDP establishes Solo Sandeng Memorial Lecture Series

To those victims who are not here with us, we pray for Allah to continue to rest your souls in Jannah - Ameen. To those who are living, we thank Allah for giving you the opportunity to serve your country and tell your stories. Yes, you stood up to the dictator and today, he is hiding in a country where he is nobody”. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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