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GunjurBiz: Hello Youth! Tap into the Business opportunities in Gunjur

GunjurBiz is the latest product of @Gunjur -The Voice of Dabanani aimed at helping young people to unleash their inner power in pursuing their dreams in business.  

To do this, we will focus on exploring basic business principles that will give our community members some great ideas on how to jump-start their own business or as a group. With this audience in mind, we will simplify our business tips with suggestions on how to start them and be successful at it. In addition to that, we will provide an online business coaching for young people of Gunjur to support them in streamlining their ideas and skill to a business reality. Gunjur is endowed with abundant natural resources, many of which are yet to be exploited by the people. 

From agriculture to fisheries and petty trading, there are huge opportunities sleeping out there most of which are more accessible than we ever thought and can be pursued with a very low capital. It is time for the youth to take charge and think creatively by creating innovative and unconventional ways of doing business for greater profit.

Though the stress inflicted on our economy for the past two decades remains an obstacle as the spending power of the people still at a very low level, Gambian economy is however expected to maintain a steady growth. We are at a crossroads where the expected outcome for the new Gambia has not been economically reflecting on people’s daily lives. The household income remains stagnant while the cost of goods and services continue to skyrocket at an alarming rate. This is causing some form of distress and pessimism in the minds of our youth. To add to that, many of our families have been affected either directly or otherwise by the deportation of many young people who have sacrificed so much of their finances, family, and lives just to return home with empty hands. Hey folks! Not all hope is lost, we can still make a difference in our communities and be successful. Let us think deep and take advantage of the locally available resources. All you need is the willingness, belief in yourself, attitudinal change towards business, discipline, and a creative mind to set you on the path to success. There is a need for a radical shift to catapult you from the usual way we approach and do business.

In our subsequent articles, we will elaborate and zero in on specific business tips, make analysis on the factors central to business success, raising capital, partnerships, marketing, and how to think like an entrepreneur even before you get started. 

Join us in this journey in making Gunjur the most vibrant business community where people are supported and hopeful that when they work hard and put their minds to it, nothing is out of their reach. 

Editor’s note: 

Abubakr Jammeh is an entrepreneur and a banker with over a decade experience in marketing and financial services industries. He is a final year International Business student, earned various diplomas in Marketing, Design Thinking-IDEO U, and various short courses in entrepreneurship management. 

Abubakr Jammeh

Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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