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Gunjur revolts against Chinese exploitation, as Calls for head of corrupt MP intensify

Gunjur youths and activists have made good their vow to remove a waste pipe being used by the Chinese fish meal processing factory, Golden Lead to dispose of waste into the sea .  

Digging out the waste pipe placed by Golden Lead to dispose of toxic waste

The “brazen move” followed the expiry of a 7-day ultimatum by Gunjur youths and human rights activist Amadou Scattred Jammeh who warned: “Here's a promise: if the pipe that is pumping waste into the sea at Gunjur Beach isn't removed by Golden Lead by the deadline issued to the company, I will personally dismantle it and face any consequence. We will be acting within the law to remove a pipe erected in the public domain by a private entity at the detriment of our community. Yes, we know about diplomacy, litigation, mediation, etc. and continue to employ them as well”.

Dozens of youths accumulated on the site to dig out the pipe, amid renewed zeal to protect the environment. Reacting to the move, UK-trained scientist Ahmed Manjang who has been a vocal advocate against Chinese exploitation, declared: 

“I salute the courage of our gallant youth, this generation is proving that they are not going to be bullied and will stand up and be counted whenever the needs arise. I have lost confidence in our legal system. We should organise a  massive demonstration against the pillage of natural resources and environmental pollution”.

US-based activists with Gunjur provenances, Tukulor Sey said: 

“I am equally proud of our people. This is what good citizens do - protect their environment for the betterment of a nation! What happens in Gunjur will resonate across the entire region. Bravo!”

Youths digging out the waste pipe

Also weighing in on the issue, US based Gunjurian Alhassan Darboe postulated: 

"This is super proactive of our youths to put their lives on the line out there to dig and uproot the evil menace and destruction Golden lead set out to perpetrate against our beautiful environment. I respect them big time. Hail to the people of Gunjur, hail to the gallant youths of Gunjur. Next menace to uproot from our community is our useless MP KKB, who is busy sleeping at the parliament instead of fighting for issues.

Kombo South MP and Majority Leader is accused of turning a blind eye on Environment

Next move will be marching to the parliament of The Gambia to demand the resignation of KKB for ineffective representation. I'm ready to sponsor a bus load of people to travel to Banjul to protest at the parliament against the silence and alleged corruption of our MP, Kebba K Barrow.This is new Gambia, politics, human rights and protests as unusual that affect us. Hell, we don't expect him to close down Golden Lead as an MP but we expect him to say something, come home to assess the issue and even call a town hall meeting to listen to the grievances of the villagers but he stays mum like a butt but hey even a butt farts at a certain point. "". 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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