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“Gunjur spent over Three Quarter of a Million Dalasis within two months"

Known for their steadfastness, love and determination when it comes to the welfare of their people, the natives and residents of Gunjur has spent more than three quarter of a million Dalasis on development projects in their community within a span of two months if the information gathered by Hatab Jobe is anything to go by.

A cheque of D100,000 donated by KSA

Mr. Jobe revealed in his last night contribution in the Gunjur Development Association's forum that the different organisations put up by Gunjurians within and around the globe has contributed differently on various projects of development in Gunjur amounting to nearly a million dalasis within two months.

However, the ever ready and indefatigable youth activist has some worries concerning the manner in which these projects were implemented.

"To be honest, how I see things (development )going on in Gunjur is like having one vehicle with many drivers all trying to drive at the same time to different directions, " he asserted. My question or worry is why is it that all these developments are done in isolation (seperately )of each other if in reality we are all working for one Gunjur. How can we come together in a more organised way to have a common developmental drive to achieve a meaningful development?" he queried. In the views of Angloma as known by many, the Gunjur Development Association's( GDA) D150,000 water project at the Health Centre, the Kombo Sillah Association's (KSA ) D100, 000 labour ward project at the Health centre, the D247,000 perimeter fencing project at the Nyamina Football Field undertaken by the Gunjur Sports Committee, and the D250,000 Funeral Van from the Beach Committee, amongst others could have all been put together under one body to foster meaningful development projects that could be sustainable.

Perimeter fencing at Nyanina Foitball Field

In his contribution Mr. Mambuna Bojang a Gunjurian resident in the US was with a desenting opinion. "Baaba Hatab - this is all “Yiruwaa” for Gunjur. The more development projects the different groups embark upon, the better for Gunjur," he said. According to Mr.Bojang, in the interim, we must continue to appreciate and encourage the different groups to even redouble their efforts in our quest to make Gunjur a better home for all of us. The former Gunjur midfield maestro squarely puts the blame On the lack of a vibrant and a functioning Village Development Committee ( VDC ) in Gunjur. Thus, asked the following questions: " What is the situation of the VDC today? Has a new one been selected? If yes, who are they? If no, when will a new one be selected? Just curious," he concluded. It could be recalled that the Gunjur VDC was in the hands of an interim committee after the dissolution of the former VDC for them to regulate and put things in order. Since then, not much is heard from the VDC issue in Gunjur.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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