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PRESS RELEASE: Gunjur Development Association (GDA) launches on Friday

REMEMBERING THE OLD, USHERING IN THE NEW You are cordially invited to attend the official launch of Gunjur Development Association – GDA (PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED FLYER FOR DETAILS). All will concur with me that with the end of dictatorship in The Gambia, each community is taking a raincheck, doing gaps analysis, etc., to identify urgent needs to enhance development of their towns and villages – GDA is here to do just that! Hearing the cries of our villages, many residents and Gunjur’kolu abroad formed a WhatsApp group to address the urgent fisheries violations incurred by Golden Lead Factory and effects of sand mining triggered by over 22 years of destruction during Gambia’s dictatorship. Although this group was formed in May, 2017, we have accomplished many development goals including:

a. Participation in World Oceanic Day in collaboration with Gunjur-based GEPARD

b. Organizing tree planting exercise in July, 2017, in collaboration with Gunjur Environmental Group. Many people at home and abroad donated funds for trees, many dedicating trees to family and friends. We would also like to thank the friends of Gunjur who donated through Gunjur Project and through our Gofundme account!

c. With the success of the tree planting exercise in July, 2017, GDA was contacted by the Bamboo Foundation Gambia-BFG and another successful bamboo tree planting exercise occurred in August, 2017

d. DO YOU REMEMBER PICTURES OF THE UNSANITARY TOILETS we posted on Facebook in September, 2017? Residents and citizens abroad decided to RAISE FUNDS AND REHAB THE HEALTH CENTER water and sanitation system. GDA spearheaded a fundraising drive and will utilize those funds to rehab the entire water system and replace the unsanitary bathrooms! ANOTHER GUNJUR SUCCESS!

As GDA begins its work in Gunjur, we must also remind the public that this organization will be learning lessons from another successful entity called Gunjur Development Fund. We can say with certainty that all the leaders of GDF are part of GDA, and we are lucky to learn from them! GDF accomplished many projects some of which include: a. Renovation/upgrade of the Central Mosque 

b. Fencing of the Nyamina Football Field c. Rehabilitation of roads within the village d. Purchase of a funeral van e. Purchasing of a milling machine at Co-operative Department. This helped a lot of the village women from having to pound their millet, maize, etc., for daily meal preparations 

f. Hand Pump Project: Villagers expressed concern about clean water in the village and GDF was able to raise funds and provide this resource

g. Summer School Program: with many families’ inability to provide after-school help with homework and other school work, GDF created an avenue for students to have an extra help with their educational needs.

h. GDF Academic Excellence Award: Villagers contribute quarterly and funds collected are used to pay the secondary education of the top 3 students from Gunjur. These students attend Nusrat High School and GDF pays for their education 

i. Sponsorship of a Classroom blocks at Khalid Bun Walid School. This initiative is spearheaded by Lamin O Bojang (a citizen of Gunjur currently living in the US). Donations are collected annually (especially during the month of Ramadan)

j. Funds for Village Gamo: to bring residents together to promote unity

k. The people in GDF, strongly believing that we must take care of our own, quickly collected funds and returned one of it’s most revered citizens from Thailand to Gunjur. Today, this community leader can be heard on Janneh Koto Radio and all areas of Gunjur

l. Cyber Cafe: with the launch of cyber cafes around the country, GDF sponsored a cyber cafe in the village. Unfortunately, before the official opening of the centre, it was burnt to the ground We the people of Gunjur are poised to rehabilitate our village 1 Kabiloo at a time. #InUnityLivesOurStrength #GunjurDabanani

Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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