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District: Al-Atharee Association supports rain disaster victims in Kartong

Al-Atharee Association Friday reached out to the victims of the heavy rains disaster in Kartong through a donation of 500 bags of cement and 10 truckloads of sand which amounts to more than D200,000. "We have been helping people since 2013 in many ways and this help we extended is from an English friend", said Abdouraman Latouche, head of the Association. Mr Latouche further explained part of the association's activities which includes fund raising, part of which was used to build the Arabic School in Kartong. "We normally don't publish our work and support to the needy because Allah said it's best to do it without people knowing it", he added. The Alkalo of Kartong, Alh Demba Jabang, thanked Al-Atharee Association for the gesture. "Abdouraman has been helping Kartong a lot, in so many ways. On behalf of Kartong, I thank him and the donors for their heart to support the needy", he said. Mr Latouche came to Kartong in 2005 and has been supporting needy people throughout his stay. 

A vote of thanks was also given by NEA's Mr Wandefa Drammeh, representative of the National Disaster Management Regional Committee. He concluded by thanking the donors for their support to the victims and urged them to continue supporting the needy people. On his behalf, Lamin Bojang talked about Mr Latouche's past experience, when the youths of Kartong responded to fix his house when it was destroyed by heavy rain. He explained that this is what motivated him to create such an initiative for the poor who can't afford it themselves. Mr Bojang, a close associate of Al-Atharee Association, advised the victims to make the best use of the donated materials. "We will be coming to observe your work progress from time to time, to see how far you have come and whether you need extra support to complete the house", he concluded. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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