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As the Gunjur VDC debacle intensifies, Sulay Cham calls for a female Leadership of the new VDC

As Gunjurians continue to lament on the failure inflicted on them by the outgoing Village Development Committee (VDC), the debate within Gunjurians around the globe gathers momentum on a daily basis.

The popular Gunjur Development Association (GDA) WhatsApp forum was no exception to this. The debate has intensified on how and what could be done to bring glory to the residents and Gunjurians all over the globe. In yesterday's debate, Sulayman Cham, commonly known as Sulay Cham, a Gunjurian resident in the UK advocates for a female Chairperson to be at the helm of affairs in the incoming Village Development Committee of Gunjur. This, he believes will help a great deal towards achieving our development goals. " We men have been messing on all these years without remorse. A lot of projects and funds came here and were misused by some selfish men in our midst without the involvement of any woman. This has to stop and give chance to our women to bring development to our people." Sulay calls on the Ward (Kabilo) heads to select women representatives to the VDC to avert further mismanagement of funds. "They should be given a chance to have an all dominant women VDC or at least the Chairperson and Treasurer to be women. This will save us from future embezzlements of funds by some greedy fellows", he appealed. In his contribution, Lamin Mbaling Touray alias Boy Njie, decried the unfairness of male dominance in the Gunjur village affairs 

"For years, we have been dominating them (women) in every sector of development and persistently failing our community woefully. All the embezzlements we are talking about here were all without any exception done by men. There's no single women amongst them. Can't we learn something from that, " he queried. According to the former Young Dabanani Centre back, "women naturally are very careful people. They care so much about their reputation and family name and for that reason usually never involves in issues that will stain their character and reputation ". Madam Sukai Jobe, Mama Kaddy Bajo Komma amongst many others all lauded to this call. 

Photo: Sulay Cham

Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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