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Ahead Of Gunjur VDC's AGM, Activist Calls For Cultural Revolution

By Alieu Mourinho Jabang "In order for us to effect a genuine and meaningful change to our community 's development, we must be willing and ready for a serious cultural revolution" These were the words of Gunjur's social activist cum scientist Ahmed Manjang while contributing to an online debate ahead of Gunjur Village Development Committee's annual general meeting scheduled for this Sunday the 1st October 2017. Mr. Manjang reiterated that time has come for us to effect change and make our local authorities understand that they have limits as per the law. According to him, the old trend of local authorities meddling into every issue without limits has to end now if we want to move forward as a people. In his own words Amo, as fondly called by many, "The local authorities have been dragging us behind for far too long now. Since in the first Republic coming down to the 22 wasteful years of the second Republic and yet we cannot change the status quo due to a culture of respect the elders (authorities ) even if they are wrong. " These he stated has to end. He believes we can only end these ugly scenes by revolting some bad cultures and move forward. In the views of the Riyad based British trained Microbiologist, the authorities should be offered the respect they deserved but was quick to add that their limits must be underlined to them. "Their continous encroachment and meddling into matters that concerns them little or not at all has caused us a great deal of setbacks and now it has to stop and this is far from disrespecting them" he concluded. It could be recalled that the embattled Village Development Committee's ( VDC ) term of office ended since June this year and should have called for an AGM and report back to the community of Gunjur but failed to do so, amidst some alleged backings from local authorities. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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