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Gunjurians celebrate Eid around the World

Gunjurians around the world celebrated Eid al-Adha locally known in Gambia as Tobaski or Banna Salo.

@Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani's Europe Editor Alieu M Jabang was on the ground in Gunjur and attended the Eid prayers at the Gunjur Eid Prayer grounds.

Still in the Eid celebratory mood, Zainab Faal, @Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani Gambia Editor had this to say in a Facebook post: "Some say my life is boring and that I should get some life, so on special occasions like eid, I try to inject some life in me. 😂" " Eid Mubarak from the smiling coast, Kombo Gunjur, suu"

Essa Sumareh, a youth activist in Gunjur shared these photos of him and his siblings:

Yankuba Manjang on his part, shared these beautiful photos and had this to say: "Wishing you all a blessed Eid. May Allah the exalted reserve us to witness many more in future with good health and success"

Musa King Mos Barrow posted these photos on Facebook and had this to say:

"Happy tobaski to y'all friends and family, may we continue to celebrate many more in the coming year's, Ameen yarabi. Everybody bring My salibo am waiting and no excuses please. But nobody should ask me for salibo please cauz I only stick on (Alama Nmabehla Jaarila)."

Pa Abubacarr Saho also posted some Eid Photos and had this to say: " Eid mubarak to all and sundry,may we live to witness more prosperous eid to come in advance"

Elsewhere in Bristol, United Kingdim, Jasireh (Manjang) Kunda in the diaspora gathered at Baboucarr Manjang's house to yet again celebrate the Eid to fulfill the long standing tradition in the UK of gathering at one household to celebrate Eid with family and friends. This Tobaski celebration saw the Touray, Sanyang, Gassama, Sanneh, Bayo and Barrow families join Jasireh Kunda in the traditional gathering to eat, drink and merry.

Speaking at the closing of the celebrations, the head of Jasireh Kunda in the UK, Lamin IS Manjang thanked Allah for making it possible for all that attended the last Eid (Koriteh) to witness yet another Eid (Tobaski) celebrations. Manjang further thanked everyone for fulfilling the three main "Sunnahs" of Eid and pray that we continue to witness and celebrate many more.

Manjang further expressed his happiness in keeping alive, the tradition of gathering around one family each Eid to celebrate and rejoice with other families and friends. Mr Manjang urged the Jasireh Kunda family and friends who are gathered to continue to promote this tradition which started here in the UK in early 2000. He relayed a message to the gathering from an elderly friend who encouraged him to keep this tradition alive as "we are on an old road, and it's and old road that leads to an old village"

Also speaking at the gathering was Malang Darboe who is also an Editor of @Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani. On his part, Malang spoke about the importance of coming together as family and friends to celebrate and to share our wisdoms with others. He empahersised the need to come together as a community because we are stronger together than individually.

The gathering ended with prayers and the celebrations continued into late evening.

In Yorkshire, UK, Bobby Touray posted these photos with the following messages:

"Eid mubarak to all ,may we witness many more in years ahead ,may Allah forgive us all n accept our prayers, amen."

Meanwhile in North America, Away Sey posted some family photos and had this to say: "From our family to yours, Eid Mubarak!"

In Savannah, Georgia, Dr Amadou Scattered Janneh celebrating the Eid with his family and friends shared these photos on Facebook with the following messages:

"You are all invited. EID Mubarak!"

Still in North America, Dr Pa Sanno Bojang Jnr posted these Eid photos and had this to say: "Eid Mubarak everyone from my family to yours . May God answer our prayers."

More photos of Gunjurians from around the world celebrating 2017 Eid ul Adha

@Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani wishes our esteem readers a very happy Eid al-Adha and many many more happy returns.

Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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