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Football: Determined not to take the fall alone, embattled Vice President indicts GSC

Momodou Charreh Jibba

Former vice-president of Gunjur Sports Commitee, Muncharr Jibba, who has recently tendered his resignation has also exposed a culture of "laziness" and conflict of interest in the body, which he attributed to his resignation.

In a message conversation with this medium, he disclosed: "My main reasons to quit was not about the teams but the conduct of the committee itself. I have been doing everything while they take or enjoy the credits. Whenever I have been wrongly attacked or accused of certain things, nobody will come out to defend me. Actually not to defend me but clarify and get me out. At times wrong decisions are put on the table when I say no, they put it to a vote to overcome me. One example was the banning of a player who played two games. The other issue was refunding an appeal fee to Gamcel when they lost their appeal .There are several issues and I would not want to tarnish anyone's image". In a scalding indictment of his former colleagues, Jibba made damning revelations about conflict of interest in the committee .

"There are people standing for the interest of their teams. I have completely lost confidence and it is wise and good for me to get out , but I can give my support in other forms. I just want you to get a better understanding. I decided on this resignation since December but because of the intermediate teams , I was appealed to see off the season. Now, I am about to finish with the two finals and finally bid farewell to them too. Gunjur is bigger than all of us". The former number two man at Gunjur Sports Committee further revealed: "In sports, it is good to be challenged or be put to task but being under attack continuously is unbearable. I am not employed , but God knows what kind of efforts I have been putting in the organisation in terms of my time and resources. "I even lost my laptop recently brought from USA when Faburama Darboe came on holidays. It was given to me by Yankuba Darboe. Most of secretariat jobs are even done by me and teams knew that. I gave my laptop to Nuha in order to quickly prepare his report but thieves got into his house and stole his phones and my laptop. Nobody said sorry to me much less thanking me "

Remaining members of GSC could not be reached for reaction to the resignation of the 1st Vice President and Competition Manager at the time of going to press with this story.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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