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In The Face Of Environmental Catastrophe, Activists Take Government Agencies To Task

"It's ggoing to be a continuous thing because in any conservation, the most important thing is sustainability. How best can you implement your project and you make sure it's sustainable. For that being the case, Gunjur Environmental Concern Group (GECG) in collaboration with Gunjurians in the Diaspora, Geology Department of the Gambia and Gambia Forestry Department have come together to nurture and foster that sustainability concept in this particular project." These were the words of Mr. Omar A.J Saho an environmental scientist in response to a question by @Gunjur on the occasion of the community tree planting recently held in Gunjur Kombo South. " It is happening this year, it has happened years back whereby this group (GECG) has gone to the Gunjur Bolong Fenyo wildlife community reserve to regenerate and improve the condition of mangroves there and down the line this year, it's at the sand mining. So by next year, it's going to be at a different zone that will be selected for another project too, Mr Saho added. When quizzed as to what advice he has for the youths, The Taiwan trained environmental scientists said his advice to the youths is that they must understand that this is not only for GECG or environmental activists, this is for all Gunjur people. He added that they should all join hands together to promote and protect the environment because our lives depends on these things. According to Saho who is equally a trained and certified eco-tourist specialist, there's a symbiotic relationship between wildlife, ecosystem and us humans . This, he emphasised is very important whereby if we promote the sustainability concept of this project, it is going to create jobs for people, create economic incentives for the people and put Gunjur in an iconic position towards conservation and environmental protection in the Gambia. He called on the youths to unite because with unity and togetherness, he believes Gunjur youths can make Gunjur a better place. Mr. Badara Njie Bajo the Executive Director of Gunjur Environmental Protection And Development Group ( GEPADGP ) called on youths to grow up with that sense of environmental protection: "For the youths of Gunjur, I'm telling them that these trees are specifically for the young ones, so that the children also could grow with a sense of environmental protection. "So we are encouraging the youths to be proactive and try to participate in these noble exercises across the country and we want to replicate this idea elsewhere," BN Bajo said. He finally called on the youths to be at the forefront in replicating this noble exercise elsewhere across the country. The GEPADG, boss advised youths not to sell their landed properties and protect their environment at all levels. Mr. Hatab Angloma Jobe, a youth leader from Falcons FC called on all and sundry irrespective of where one lives to participate in any way in the improvement of their environment. The Falcons big man said people need the environment to live but we must not abuse it. He encouraged people to replace trees when we use them for our various needs. Jobe assured of his group's commitment and willingness in the restoration and forestation of Gunjur environment and beyond. For his part Essa Sumareh, a youth activist, called on his peers to per take in community development especially of this nature as government cannot do it all alone. He was however quick to add that the government must also take up her responsibilities and protect the environment for people. Sumareh finally called on the government to stop the damaging sand mining currently taking place in Gunjur in the interest of the community and the country. Over 250 volunteers took part in what is billed to be an annual tree planting event. The organisers thank individuals and organisations who contributed to the success of the exercise in cash or kind.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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