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OPINION: KG Task Force Sets The RECORDS Straight

Majority Leader Kebba K Barrow and James Gomez

Photo: Hon Kebba K Barrow and James Gomez

After the open denials of both the Minister of Fisheries James Gomez and Majority Leader Kebba K. Barrow who also doubles as the National Assembly Member for Konmbo South of being informed or consulted by the environmental activists on the Golden Lead Company's bad operational style and lack of respect for the environmental laws of the Gambia , the Kartong/Gunjur Environmental Task Force Committee sets the records straight. In a statement sent to this medium, the KG Environmental Task Force refutes and rejects the statement of both the Fisheries Minister and Kombo South NAM calling it misleading and unfounded. "Well to say, we are dissapointed is an understatement! To say that we have never consulted the relevant authorities in the right manner is untrue " "We have sent letters at the end of May to every government departments including Ministry of Fisheries to local authorities like Alkalo, chief and the NAM (KKB ) himself. Copies were also sent to UNICEF, Human Rights Organisations, WHO, American Embassy, EU and the British High Commission", it stated. "The KG Task Force has displayed great patience and absolute respect to all concerned authorities ever since the inception " it added. In all of those letters they sent, they receive no single response , the statement mentioned. "Our main request within these letters were asking for a health review of our area – asking for water testing so that we can feel safe to drink water free from pollution and a confirm correct waste management plan is in place",the statement entails. " We been in place for 6 months and has to be given time to set standards. Investors and their investments should be protected" minister Gomez was quoted saying This according to the KG Environmental Task Force Committee, will leaves the citizens vulnerable and and at the mercy of diseases and many other health implications. 'We have paid for medical treatment for people that have contact dermatitis that they believe is as a result of coming into contact with something in the ocean water,"they emphasised. It will be very interesting to see how the GRTS edit and broadcast this whole pandamonia at Gunjur beach yesterday",the statement concluded. Editor's note : This medium was provided with the alleged copies of letters sent to both the Ministry of Fisheries and the Kombo South NAM. Here we reproduced the said letters verbatim.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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