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SPORTS: Emergence Of A Genius - Malang Jassey

Malang Jassey

Every once in a while a footballer comes along who really stand out in Gunjur football. Players such as Doctor Jassy, Buba Janneh(Star), Mambuna Bojang, late Foday Jabang, Buba Bada Bojang, Carsten Janker, Habib Kunta, Saikouba Manneh to name a few. With their breathtaking skills and ability earn the title Superstar. This current generation has yet witnessed the emergence of another genius in the name of Malang Uncle Jassey. From a footballing family, it will not be a surprise if Uncle becomes a world class player. Many players including his own brothers (Late Pa Jobe Jassey and Momodou Bojang Jassey) has been dubbed “the new Dr Jassey” (the greatest player to have emerge from their family) Uncle is the player who comes closer than most to deserving it. He is a fast skilful attacker, a naturally gifted player who can conjure goals from the most unlikely of positions. He moves with grace and athleticism and his magical ball skills and marvellous balance leave defenders quaking in his wake. Young, determined and hard working, Malang Jassey, known by the name “Uncle” has inked his name in the history book of Gunjur football at a very tender age. To say he is the greatest footballer of all time in Gunjur will be an overrated title but no denying he is greatly part of the upper echelon of Gunjur great players, although he is yet to play at any national level or First Division. Scorer of perhaps the two most celebrated goals in the history of Gunjur football, both of which were in the finals. Uncle scored the crucial winning goal in the 2016 “Super nawettan zonal championship” which was Gunjur’s first triumph in their history and also the scorer of the decisive lone goal which helped Gunjur clinched West Coast Region Third Division League. He also scored several important goals in the campaign of both competitions. Does that alone make him a great player? Perhaps not; but his great ability in controlling passes, playing around himself and his team mates, dropping deep to carry the ball to the area of creativity, mesmerizing his opponents and scoring goals virtually from all angles of the opponents half, including direct free-kicks has made him such a remarkable player. His style of football is second to few the world over. Just under the age of 17 Uncle is already an idol and a genius in Gunjur football.

Who actually is Malang Jassy? Born, brought up and schooled in a village called Gunjur in Kombo South District of West Coast Region, The Gambia. Malang’s career began in the dusty street of “Sanchaba” where he started street football with Sanchaba junior team. He later went on to play for another junior side Young Solifo F.C. His glimmering performance has caught the attention of many teams in and around Gunjur, and Nyokoyorr F.C - a “nawettan” team, first came knocking and they secured the services of the young lad. Junior football was over. He started playing for Nyokoyorr, perhaps the youngest ever player to have played “Nawettan”-(annual summer football competition) in Gunjur, he later moved to play for Solifo F.C (now Reliance F.C). After several misfortunes with the two teams, Uncle was ready to take the mantle of leadership in his boyhood club Alex Sanchaba who were promoted to Gunjur nawettan in 2014/15 season. His brilliance helps the team to reach the league cup semi-finals and win the knock-out trophy. Real Madrid may have Ronaldo, Barcelona may have Messsi, Chelsea may have Hazard, Gambia may have Steve Trawally, Sukuta may have Lamin Zola Touray, but Gunjur also have Malang Uncle Jassy. By Famara Badjie

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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