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OPINION: Politician who "took contributions" from Chinese company neglects environmental d

Hon. Kebba K Barrow

Hon. Kebba K Barrow, the National Assembly Member for Kombo South, has been accused of silence in the face of environmental damage in Gunjur by a Chinese company "because he took money from them".

A local political hack who was part of his campaign team spoke to @Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

His words: " KKB is good friends with Alhagie Conteh and he was one of the people who contributed massively to his campaign. Alhagie Conteh is the one who brought the Chinese to set up shop in Gunjur . It's only natural that KKB will not come out to speak on this issue". He added that the local politician has been approached by journalists on the issue, but he deftly managed to eschew making any comments.

A Gunjurian based in the UK who also declined to be named lamented : "He was eerily quiet on the most important issue facing our community since his election which got me really wondering over the influence of his friend and possible benefactor, Alhagie Conteh".

Kebba K Barrow who is a powerful member of the United Democratic Party under the Coalition and majority leader at the National Assembly could not be immediately reached. Our reporter on the ground could not visit Kebba K Barrow for a scheduled interview for his reaction on these allegations.Watch out for KKB's reaction in our second edition.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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