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NEWS: Alhassan Darboe gives back to his alma-mater

The USA based self proclaimed Prince of Farm Yard - Prince Alhassan Nfansu Darboe has donated books, trophies and cash prices to Gunjur Upper Basic School where it all began for him in his search for academic excellence.

In a Facebook post to his followers, Prince Darboe wrote...

"Giving back to my alma -mater:Annual Trophy,books and cash prizes for the Best English literature and Government students.The prize for best government student is named after my late father and the best English literature trophy named after my wonderful and amazing friend Elaine Donnelly. We met in the back of a truck when I was in 6th grade 14 years ago at my native village of Gunjur. She later become my sponsor, educated me and continued to be a rock of support to me and my family.She is not just a friend but a beloved family to me #inspiretheyoung #educationisthefuture"

It could be recalled that Alhassan moved to USA some years ago to pursue his long term dream of higher education with a view to developing himself, his family, community and by extension, his country of birth - The Gambia. Through hard work, dedication and support from family and close friends,Alhassan has successfully completed his college education and works as a successful Realtor at Keller Williams Realty in Knoxville Tennessee.

Elaine Donnelly, a long term friend summed it all up when she said:

" Alhassan and I met in 2004 when we rode in the the back of the same pickup truck near Gunjur village. As he was a young kid from a small village, I was surprised by the extent of his knowledge regarding the 2004 US presidential election. I visited his home, met his mom, and we continued to keep in touch through letters and email. Over time, I learned that this attention to the US election was simply an illustration of his genuine thirst for knowledge. In more than a decade, I've have been lucky to learn about his progress: in education, in the professional sphere, and in continuing to give back to his community. Furthermore, he continues to grow his community through his ability to connect with people from all backgrounds.

Alhassan's enthusiasm for life, his grit and hard work, his generosity to others, and his capacity for taking 'the long view' have deepened my admiration for his diligence and intelligence. I always look forward to hearing of Alhassan's continued success and his efforts to provide a helping hand to other young people."

We wish Alhassan all the very best and hope that these wonderful gestures will go a long way in inspiring to younger generation.

Alhassan is one of the editors of @Gunjur and we would like to thank Alhassan Darboe for this wonderful gesture and hope that it will inspire the young to work hard in order to achieve greater things in life.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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