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Places to stay in Gunjur


Gunjur is about 45 minutes’ drive from Banjul International Airport and about 30 minutes’ drive from the popular Senegambia Tourist Strip.

As such, Gunjur has a respectable selection of good quality seafront resorts and inland travellers' lodgings. If you really want peace and quiet and want to explore real Gambia, then go for the coastal hotels and lodges that are found on this beautiful region of The Gambia.


The seafront area of Gunjur resort is, at most times, gloriously deserted, save for the odd passing cow and the occasional passer-by. The strand is less geared to tourist than some of the northern holiday resorts and there are a few dotted beach bars and lodges nestled on the edge of huge rhum palm clusters and shoreline bush. Pristine yellowish sand sweeps the edges of broad bays, presenting impressive views into the distant shoreline, and the sunsets are magnificent. In terms of natural beauty, this region's seafront perhaps only comes second to Sanyang, located further north.

The Gunjur Project Lodge

January 03, 2023

More than just a lodge...where the community benefits from your holiday or volunteer experience...

Set in the peaceful country of The Gambia in the rural village of Gunjur you will find The Gunjur Project Lodge. Here you arrive at a place where the focus is to ensure that all who visit whether they be holiday makers or volunteers leave making a positive impact on the local community and The Gambia as a whole.

The lodge caters not only for individuals but also has a dedicated programme for groups and provides exciting volunteer opportunities. We offer a quality service with professional staff who, with their experience & knowledge of The Gambia , will guarantee that you will enjoy your adventure and the experience of a lifetime. The Gunjur Project provides a great opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of Africa, its people, culture and traditions and see the day-to-day lives of the local community.

Foot Steps Echo Lodge

February 23, 2023

Holidays in Gambia at Footsteps eco-Lodge. Your perfect ‘off the grid’ beach holiday destination.

The Gambia has clear blue skies, golden sandy beaches that stretch for miles and lush green nature reserves.

Most of all, its welcoming people are kind and gentle with smiles that will melt your heart and we recommend our guests involve themselves with local projects and local people.Immerse yourself in the warm and colourful culture of Gambia and create holiday memories that will remain with you always!

Holidays in the bush & by the beach

Catering for individual travelers and small groups alike we offer a quiet tranquil setting for your Gambia Holidays.

Footsteps eco-Lodge is positioned one kilometre back from golden sandy beaches next to the protected Kufoong Forest park in the South of Gambia and offers authentic intelligently designed cool accommodation in relaxed and friendly surroundings.

You will find comfortable clean rooms, fine Gambian and European food and Gambia’s only fresh water filtered pool which means: if you’re a photographer or a birding enthusiast then you’re certainly in the right place at the right time.

Dalaba Echo Lodge

May 28, 2023

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Nemasu Echo Lodge

May 28, 2023

Nemasu began as a small 'camp' called Rasta Kunda, in 1992. Over the years it became run down, and by 2006 it was largely abandoned.


In late 2009, Greg Haarburger and Hillary Griffith, professional photographers & entrepreneurs from Australia & USA, were exploring West Africa with their son Daniel and daughter Bianca. The family fell in love with the wonderful people of Gambia, and the undeveloped natural beauty of the coastline. They began a partnership with the previous owner, and spent 2010 restoring the hotel and its surrounding forest. They now bring their combined experience to manage the hotel, protect the local environment, and introduce a range of projects to support the local community.

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