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Obituary Announcement

June 22, 2017

Assalam Alaykum brothers and sisters. InnaIlayhi WainnaIlayhi Rrajioun 


The death of Fatou Kabba Jaiteh of Gunjur has been today announced in the early hours.


Fatou Kabba was married to Dodou Touray of Gunjur Fa Sabaki Kunda and mother to Yahya Samori Touray, Jankey Touray, Musa Touray.


In an obituary announcement sent to KSA Forum, Binako Touray wrote:


"It is with deep sorrow and regret that we announce the death of our beloved mother, mother-in-law and auntie, Grandmother and sister, Fatou Kabba Jaiteh. She was mother to Yahya Samori Touray of Newport, FaMusa Touray and Janke Touray Gibba of Finland. She was Auntie to Lamin Kere Janneh and mother-In-law to Mba Anta Touray.This sad event took place in the early hours today in The Gambia. 


Fatou Kabba's was a very Kind hearted Woman who looked after so many children including her own and treated them equally or even more than her own children. MaaShallah. May her soul rest in perfect peace. May Allah grant her Jannah and those departed souls before hers. Amen Very sad indeed." 


We pray that the gentle soul of Fatou Kabba Jaiteh and all those before her rest in eternal bliss, ameen.

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